Good Morning Sports

Good Morning Sports

DODICI Sports Management


Founded in 1994 by Marcelo Simonian, Dodici knew how to transcend with a constant growth throughout the years, becoming one of the leading companies in the field of management and handling of soccer players.

With offices in Portugal, France, Italy, Uruguay, Chile, Dubai, and Argentina, we have established strong relationships with clubs and sports directors around the world, enabling a fast and reliable network for professional soccer players and clubs.

At DODICI Sports Management we act as agents and intermediaries for a large number of players around the world (South and North America, Europe, Asia and Africa).



DODICI Sports Management provides a COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT SERVICE to the more than one hundred professional players that it represents around the world.

1. INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE to more than one hundred professional players around the world.
2. Negotiation of contracts, financial, legal and tax advice
3. Global image, merchandising and press management.
4. Medical consultations: Nutrition, general health, Kinesiological, etc.
5. Sports Coaching

In summary DODICI Sports Management offers, in a PROFESSIONAL and SOLVENT way, the highest guaranteed quality in the following areas:

We know each other

2We choose the best

3We set objectives

4A long-term relationship

5Based on values

6Accompanying you in your career

7Getting where you want to go

8Enjoying success

9Post Race


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We are a group of highly trained professionals to respond to all the needs of our clients.

1- football department
2- logistics
3- Accounting Sector

We have a long history that allows us to provide optimal care and support to all our players at the same time. We provide an excellent service in all areas that we develop.

We have a structure prepared to support visits from foreign clubs and people related to sports:
1- hotel reservations,
2- logistics,
4- coordination and assistance to local and international championship matches.

We are aware of all the significant events in the world of football 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In summary DODICI Sports Management offers, in a PROFESSIONAL and SOLVENT way, the highest guaranteed quality in the following areas: (update titles)


  • Buenos Aires - Argentina

    Marcelo Simonian – AFA Agent
    Address: Echeverria 5438 C1431
    Tel: +5411 4523-9696
    Fax: +5411 508-1020

  • Santiago - Chile

    Juan Carlos Moraga – Managing Director
    Address: New Schackleton 3
    Cell: +56 9 7135 9788

  • Paris - France

    Joel colomb
    Tel: +33684466926

  • Italy

    Antonio Gialloreto – General Manager
    Tel: +393339912485

  • Portugal

    Ruben Pereira Pinto
    Tel: +351967760377

  • Dubai

    Aram Zinouzi, Jehad Muntasser
    Tel: +971585952711

  • Africa & Latin America

    Marcelo Houseman
    Tel: +5491138765555 (LatinAmerica)
    Tel:+2348182464582 (Africa)

    Ramiro Andrés Mosquera
    Tél: +573015838664 (LATINOAMÉRICA)

  • Uruguay

    Mauricio José Machado Farías
    Tel: +095792044 (Latinoamérica)

    Horacio Andrés Bardanca Fazio
    Tel: +094970456 (Latinoamérica)