DODICI Corporation represents more than a hundred professional football players throughout the world, providing them with a premium global management service.

Our services include contract negotiation, accounting and financial services, legal and tax counselling, medical assistance, traveller services and sports marketing development: image, press and merchandising

DODICI Corporation’s staff includes an outstanding team of professionals fully devoted to meeting our clients’ needs and desires. Each member deals with their own specialty including, for instance, logistics, legal counselling or accounting. Through its notorious expertise and enduring career, DODICI Corporation provides the most complete assistance and support to all of our players and clients.

DODICI Corporation is equipped with the proper infrastructure to give the best support for scouting trips in Latin America. For all interested professional coaches, managers, chief scouts and sport-related professionals from abroad, we organize a series of services to prepare your trip: hotel reservations, logistics, meetings, coordination and tours to local and international matches.

We keep up-to-date with the permanent evolution of the football world with our worldwide presence 7 days a week, 24-hour a day.

DODICI Corporation offers premium quality services in the following areas:

» Representation
» Scouting and Monitoring
» National and International Transfers
» National and International Contract Negotiation
» Citizenship
» Tax / Financial / Legal Counselling
» FIFA / AFA / Player unions
» Physiotherapy
» Public Relations with Clubs and Institutions
» Global Sports Marketing
» In house multimedia production: edition of sample DVD’s and updates.
» Statistical follow up on teams and players
» Football market investment advice

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