World Cup: Pastore and Bolatti reunited after almost six months


The core of Angel Cappa’s Huracan, runner up in the 2009 Clausura championship, will be wearing the national squad’s white and blue shirt in this afternoon’s friendly against Catalunya.

Buenos Aires, December 22, 2009. Telam. They were bound by the jersey of a modest club with a miraculous outcome until 5 months and 17 days ago, when Pastore left to Palermo and Bolatti stayed in Buenos Aires. The blond midfielder has missed his friend, while remaining in a club that has disintegrated since his departure. And the Niño maravilla has also missed Bolatti in his new more physical and less technical Italian club.


The two midfielders from Cordoba will be playing together again this afternoon in Pastore’s baptism of fire under Maradona. On his part, Bolatti already has some experience on the national team, having scored the qualifying goal that is sending Argentina to South Africa in 2010.


Pastore Javier

Pastore Javier
  • Current Team: Roma
  • D.O.B.: 20/06/1989
  • Nat.: Argentine / Italian
  • Offensive Midfielder

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