Win All, Take all


Colon is just a few points away from qualifying for next year’s Libertadores Cup. Coach Mohamed says “We’re in at 90%”. The team from Santa Fé is ready for a relentless fight for the Apertura title.


Buenos Aires, November 11, 2009 (Olé).The numbers are clear: with 6 rounds to go, Colon is 4 points behind the leaders Banfield and Newell’s (upcoming16th round opponent) and one behind Estudiantes (19th round opponent). However, Federico Nieto underlines that winning the Apertura won’t be an easy task: “We’re going to have to add on quite a few points to finish first. Winning three games won’t cut it. We have to win five and we know how difficult that is. For a sure win, we have to ace all matches.”


The first of the six remaining matches will oppose Colon to Argentinos, a respected rival. “They are a very solid and determined team. It won’t be easy, but we tend show more strength as local.”



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