"We have to tackle, be it with our heads”, Ezequiel Muñoz


The Xeneize center back emphasized that in order to play in Boca, “you need attitud”

Thursday February 4, 2010 (Diario Los Andes) – The young Boca center back Ezequiel Muñoz said today that in his team “you must have attitude” to play. He also underlined that “ be it with our heads, we have to tackle” if that’s what it takes to win the ball back.  

"The manager (Abel Alves) is always telling us how we need to show attitude. I think that to play in Boca, on top of attitude, you have to play hard and if it’s necessary to switch to a more agressive style, that’s what needs to be done in order to recuperate the ball.

Muñoz, who suffered a severe knee injury last year and who is now on Boca’s starting line up, stated that after winning Lanús 3-1 in the Bombonera, the team “earned back some respect.”


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