Wait’s over Chiqui


  Ezequiel Muñoz is back today to take on the same team against which he injured himself.


Buenos Aires, November 25, 2009. Olé. The young defender was sure that his comeback would be last Sunday against Gimnasia. He counted the long months during which he’d been forced to bench because of the torn ligaments in his right knee. In those seven months, he’s been wooed by Fiorentina for 7 M$, praised by Bianchi and his own idol Jorge Bermudez.   That time around, the match was suspended because of the rain. Be it coincidence or not, Sunday’s comeback will be held today against Rosario Central, the team against which he injured himself (4/27). “I’m not worried because I injured myself against Central. I’m not even thinking about that. But I am anxious, I can’t wait to go back in and play”, the 19 year old centerback explained.   He is rumoured to be of interest to Fiorentina and  Atletico de Madrid has a priority-contract deal on him. “I’m taking all of that calmly. Right now, I just want to go back and play in Boca.”


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