Valencia: Banega has his heart set on South Africa 2010


“I thought this time was going to be the one and that I’d be called to play against Spain, but it didn’t turn out that way and I’ll just keep working harder to play the next game”, the midfielder confessed.


With, November 13, 2009.  Ever Banega, Valencia’s midfielder won’t be taking part in this week end’s friendly match against the Spanish national squad. He swore that he would keep working hard within the Che team to convince Diego Maradona that he’s got the stuff that the celestiblancos are made of.


The Argentine also underlined that his attitude has improved remarkably this season and that he’s started to pass the ball immediately after recovery, a noteworthy change in attitudes.


Given that Banega is the only player who’s played every single Liga match in Valencia this season, thus becoming game after game the main midfield player.



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