Romagnoli was introduced in the new ¨Gasometro¨


The 28-year-old offensive midfielder wore the ¨Ciclon¨shirt before a hundred of supporters. Savino (President) and Simeone (Coach) were in the ceremony. ¨Our dream is to win the Libertadores Cup¨ declared ¨el Pipi¨

Leandro Romagnoli who was the most outstanding acquisition of San Lorenzo was introduced in the new ¨Gasometro¨ before a hundred of supporters who went to the Stadium. The midfielder wore the shirt, received his membership card from San Lorenzo President Rafael Savino as well as the welcome words from Diego Simeone. I will try to give back all people´s affection with a good play. Our dream is to win the Libertadores Cup and a good performance in the championship will be key to enter into this Cup ¨el Pipi¨added. Romagnoli, idol of the club, looked confident with the team and he emphasized ¨There is not a single player who can win a game or a championship by himself it is essential to work together as a whole group .

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