River-Huracán: Toranzo, Bolatti and Nieto pressure River Plate goalkeeper


Although a scoreless tie, Sunday’s match between River Plate and Huracán was nowhere near boring. With excellent goal opportunities on either sides, both clubs showed off the opponent goalkeeper’s abilities. However, Daniel Vega did come off as the star of the game as he repelled Huracán’s sustained attacks by Patricio Toranzo, Luciano Nieto, Mario Bolatti and Luis Trecarichi.



The first half of the match was a high-fueled race where each team showed its colours with stubborn determination. In the few first minutes, Gastón Monzón had already blocked Nicolás Sanchez’s powerful header and Diego Buenanotte’s shot.  


On Huracán’s side, Patricio Toranzo and Alán Sánchez were the first ones to put the pressure on Daniel Vega. Then Mario Bolatti, Luciano Nieto and Lucas Trecarichi joined in, confirming the domination of the Globo on Leonardo Astrada’s formation.


In the second half, Toranzo, Díaz and Sánchez cranked up the heat some more, speeding up the offensive play. Though Nieto and Rodriguez picked up and assisted the trio on either wing, Vega remained impassible. The goalie single-handedly saved the Millionaires in this game where Huracán’s offensive personnality became clearer: since Pastore is gone, Toranzo leads the game. With Bolatti at his side, he plays out the game and gets it played.


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