Pastore became Huracán’s football leader


The 19 years old guy from Cordoba finished 2008 as the new figure from Cappa’s team and this is why he didn’t loan Pastore to Under-20 National Team.

Vertigo in Javier Pastore’s life. A year ago, in silence, he joined Huracan coming from Talleres de Cordoba. He was the last reinforcement / support brought by the former manager Claudio Ubeda. He didn’t play during the first semester, the second half of the year he played little time before the arrival of Angel Cappa as the new team manager. His second coach Fatiga Russo included him and never takes him out and rightly so: this guy from Cordoba of 19 years old exploited and became the football leader from Huracan. Then it was not a surprise that the club Rayo Vallecano and Sergio Batista have asked for him, Batista to included him in the Argentine South American Sub 20. However, Huracan didn’t loan him. - “I would like very much to be part of the National Team, that is a big honor for a player, but I understood the reasons adduced by the club and now I have to prepare myself as good as possible to continue growing” declared Pastore who in the training in Mar del Plata played as right midfielder and also as offensive-creative midfielder - “You may be feeling strange; you couldn’t go to the Sub-20 National Team and on the other hand Huracan makes you feel indispensable “. - “Yes it can be seen like that. The decision was already taken and I have just to comply with it. Now I have a major objective: to continue growing in first division and to perform a big campaign in Huracan” Clarin newspaper – January 20th, 200

Pastore Javier

Pastore Javier
  • Current Team: Roma
  • D.O.B.: 20/06/1989
  • Nat.: Argentine / Italian
  • Offensive Midfielder

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