Pastore: "Ar Barça I would stay on the bench, in Juventus instead..."


Palermo winger , Javier Pastore,  has been interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport: "You spoken always about market, but I've not changed idea: I've still to grow up, and Palermo are the best place for do that. Pragmatically, there is only one thing that can change all, and it's an offer able to persuade Zamparini.  If that will happen the chairman will call me and we will speak about. Juve or Barcellona? I want to play and so I answer the first one. In clubs as Barcelona and Real now I would stay in the bench, and I won't. I will speak again when I will be 28-year-old.



Pastore Javier

Pastore Javier
  • Current Team: Roma
  • D.O.B.: 20/06/1989
  • Nat.: Argentine / Italian
  • Offensive Midfielder

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