Newell's getting serious about Huracan’s Patricio Toranzo


Patricio Toranzo is the name on everyone’s lips in Newell’s. If the Rosario squad sells Formica, the decision makers in the red and black team could start the procedures to reel in the midfielder.


March 23, 2010 ( –Patricio Toranzo, Huracan’s best asset as we speak, is on the top of the list of favourite reinforcements for the next transfer window.



If Gato Mauro Formica indeed emigrates to foreign football, as it has been announced this afternoon on FM Meridiano, Toranzo is a shoe in for the Rojinegros’ back up.


Although at the time being, everything is still hypothetical, it wouldn’t be surprising  that probing is already underway. The right midfielder which also goes as playmaker is at the peak of his career and is targeted by many clubs.



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