Muñoz, "focused and eager" to play the derby


The Boca Juniors center back Ezequiel Muñoz said today that he feels “focused and eager” to play the superclásico against River in mar del Plata, alter recovering from a severe knee injury.

Buenos Aires, January 18 (NA)-- Muñoz, one of the rising stars of Argentine football, placed in the starting line up this afternoon and he is very likely to participate in Wednesday’s derby in an effort to strengthen his team’s weakened defensive line.

"I feel focused, prepared and eager. I don’t know if I will be playing, but against River, there are no friendlies”, the defenseman said in press conference.

Twenty one year old Muñoz suffered a serious meniscus injury last year, keeping him away from the pitch for nine months. He’s just come back to Boca during this inter-season training.


The defenceman is expected to be playing in the center of the defence line, aside Paraguay’s Julio Cáceres, who will be remaining with Boca Juniors unless Brazil’s Atletico Mineiro’s offer is confirmed.

Boca Junior’s probable line up for the derby would be Abbondanzieri; Medel, Cáceres, Muñoz and Morel Rodríguez; Erbes, Rosada, Riquelme and Giménez; Gaitán and Palermo.


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