Match day 5: the podium


Rinaudo once more on first step

La Plata, Sunday February 21, 2010 (Diario El Día)


1- FABIAN RINAUDO (7): He ran and stuck to his man tirelessly until he retrieved the ball. He was his team’s barometer. Always well positioned Rinaudo controled the centerfield and generated plays for this team. With his simple way of playing, he was the unbeatable master of centerfield and to top it all off, he almost scored.



2- LUCIANO AUED (7): He had the necessary mobility to show up in different areas and manage the ball. He played an intelligent game, looking for open areas and building plays. When he didn’t have the ball, he controlled centerfield, covering for playmaking Rinaudo.



3- RUBEN MALDONADO (6): Well positioned and distraction-free, Maldonado came out victorious of all the one on ones that Tigre’s forward charged him with. With his confident attitude, he took control of the back end of the field and passed on security to his team mates.  



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Rinaudo Fabian

Rinaudo Fabian
  • Current Team: Rosario Central
  • D.O.B.: 08/05/1987
  • Nat.: Argentine / Italian
  • Midfielder

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