Joffre Guerron, one of the fastest players in the world


Ranking World Football's 50 Fastest Players

The modern game has introduced many changes to the way in which football clubs set about winning matches, including the evolution of tactics and formations, state of the art facilities and equipment as well as sport science to ensure that conditioning is as effective as possible.


The one thing that is still valued as highly as anything else by managers transcending numerous footballing cultures across the globe is speed. That's right, raw pace and acceleration can be almost impossible to stop, no matter how sophisticated or advanced the tactics and preparation have been.


With the margins between the elite sides in world football so fine, pure speed can often tilt the balance, which is why it is desired so much by scouting networks around the world, often being attributed to the bulk of certain players' valuation, especially when breaking into first teams.


Joffre Guerron (3rd in the ranking) is one of the most dangerous attackers in world football when afforded the time and space to take on defenders in one-on-one situations.


The Ecuadorian will glide past you with ease and can now be seen tearing up the Chinese Super League, which is perhaps a shame when you consider how little we now see of this explosive winger.

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-Bleacher Report


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