Huracán: “We are thinking on Libertadores”


Huracan midfielder, Patricio Toranzo, spoke with the media about the next season and assured that the main objective will be to get the team into the Libertadores Cup”

Things to improve: “We are working with our new team-mates for a smooth transition. The team base remains the same and we believe it won’t be difficult for them to assimilate Angel’s concepts and to be in line with the team play characteristics”. Team: “We are very confident. This team has the strength to win in all the fields. The first match will be a home game and fans will be of great motivation” said “Pato” to Ole newspaper, Objective: “We are all thinking to get into the Libertadores Cup”. We are closed since we have performed a great Clausura’s campaign and we have good chances to qualify for it” We never make do with we have done, we always want more, and that is the best quality of this group. It would be a mistake to stay in the comfort zone”

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