Fiorentina apparently planning a trip to South America for Salvio and Muñoz


Pantaleo Corvino, manager of the “Viola” is rumoured to be preparing a trip to South America to scout for reinforcement.

Fiorentina is preparing for January and has its heart set on Argentina, more particularly on Eduardo Salvio and Ezequiel Muñoz.


Pantaleo Corvino, “Viola” sport manager, will supposedly be travelling to South America in the next few days. After some formalities in Brazil, Corvino is reported to be heading to Argentina for the attacker from Lanus and the defender from Boca Juniors.


Both players are 19 years old and are considered hugely promising. Fiorentina has been watching them closely for quite a while; will the club manage to reel them in this time?, 10/25/09


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