Cruzeiro introduced Joffre Guerrón as its new player


Copa Libertadores finalist Cruzeiro confirmed as its new player former Getafe’s Ecuadorian player Joffre Guerron.

Sao Paulo, EFE. Guerron was introduced as the new player of Cruzeiro last Friday. Cruzeiro lost his player Ramires who also plays in the National Brazilian Team and who was transferred to Benfica after the final match with Estudiantes. At his arrival Guerron said to the media “I am very happy to play in Cruzeiro. I talked to Espinoza (Geovanny, Ecuadorian fullback who was part of the team in 2008) my fellow team member and told me that the team work here is excellent”

Guerron Joffre

Guerron Joffre
  • Current Team: Barcelona SC
  • D.O.B.: 28/04/1985
  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Second Striker

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