Crazy For Ever


Valencia’s main man earns institution’s and fan’s appreciation

Buenos Aires, February 9, 2010 (Olé)- The midfielder admits that he’s currently at his best since his arrival in Spain, while Gago is losing terrain in Madrid. And to think that Banega debuted in Boca to replace Pintita... With just a few months to go before the World Cup, Ever is favourite for centerfield.


Diego Maradona has quite a few predicaments in the time being and has some more ahead of him to choose the lucky few who will fly to South Africa. Although there is no shoe in as of yet (Maradona is still trying players), there are a few names that stand out. And in centerfield, there’s one name that stands out above the rest: Ever Banega.


The young player deserves what’s happening to him right now. After going back and forth on Spanish territory, he is now a set element in Valencia’s game plan, with no less than two goals scored (against Villareal and Valladolid) and 5 glorious assists in this season until now.


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