Comba single-handedly KOs San Felipe


Sergio Comba scores the only goal of encounter for Morning.


MELIPILLA, Feb 07, 2010 (UPI) A single goal from Sergio Comba was enough to give Santiago Morning its first victory in this Apertura against a deflating Uni who faced its second loss in a row.  


Santiago Morning on the other hand finally won its first match in the current tournament with this minimum point victory over San Felipe en Melilla.


The Bohemians received the good fortune in their first home game in the Roberto Bravo Santibáñez staudium, thanks to Comba’s goal at the 8th minute.


Morning is leaving behind an uneasy season starter of 3 straight losses and finally obtains its first 3 points. The next match will also be held in Melipilla and Juan Antonio Pizzi’s squad will be receiving Palestino.



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