"Bolaaatti, Bolaaatti"


Upon arriving at practice at his regular club Huracán, Mario was acclaimed with a prolonged round of applause. Entering the Quema, the author of the winning Argentinean goal against Uruguay went straight to salute his coach Angel Cappa.


Mario Bolatti instantly became his teammates’ idol. As he cruised into the training ground, the midfielder didn’t seem to realize that he’d just avoided the day before that some dark pages be added to his country’s football history.


The star and savior of Diego’s team walked in cool and natural to the Quemita, his second home. By scoring that triumphant goal againt Uruguay, Bolatti received double ovation from his  teammates: one for Argentina and the other for Huracán.

                                                                                 Olé, Clarín,10/15/09



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