Ancelotti stated: Pastore reminds me of Kaka


The offensive midfielder coming from Huracan captivated to those accustomed to recognize true champions.

It was known that Javier Pastore was followed by prestigious clubs, but the offensive midfielder who comes from Huracan has also captivated to those accustomed to recognize true champions. From Kaka up to Seedorf, from Rivaldo to Rui Costa up to Ronaldinho. From Juventus, Milan and now Chelsea, Carlos Ancelotti discovered talents who became world football stars afterwards. So, if the former Milan coach states that Pastore is a phenomenon we certainly have to pay attention to it. Chelsea’s coach said in an exclusive interview made by - “I saw him playing many times, and I saw him in many videos and I was surprised from the beginning”. Ancelotti added: “He is a top-class player with physical power, he reminds me of Kaka” “My opinion is that he is one of the most talented players”

Pastore Javier

Pastore Javier
  • Current Team: Roma
  • D.O.B.: 20/06/1989
  • Nat.: Argentine / Italian
  • Offensive Midfielder

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