According to his agent, Pastore will renew with Huracan


Marcelo Simonian mentioned to the Italian media that the midfielder would stay in Huracan where is a contract signed till June. He mentioned about an offer received from Manchester and stated that Lazio would be a “perfect club” for the young player

Javier Pastore is one of the more talented players arise lately in the Argentinean football and there are many institutions from Europe interested to include him as part of their teams. Pastore is on loan in Huracan until June and according to Marcelo Simonian, agent and owner of a percentage of his transfer, there is a big chance that this young and talented player continues in Huracan. Simonian was contacted by the site about a Lazio’s supposed interest in the player, in the interview he explained that “nobody contacted me, Pastore is playing in Huracan and he is going to renew his contract” The agent stated that he received an offer of about 10 million euros from Manchester but his interest is to find the appropriate institution where Pastore can play and grow. “We want the right team and project” and that “Lazio could be the right club for him” April 20/2009

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